Getting the right catering vendor


Food! Food!! Food!!! Is there a party without food? Capital NO! Food is very crucial to any party, in fact it is the number one cause why an event would be disorganized. Have you ever gone to a party and didn’t get food? How did you feel? Food is important o…infact, over-important sef. Catering is […]

he proposed, what next

He Proposed!

He PROPOSED —– What will I wear for the book reading on Saturday? Sola thought to herself that running through her wardrobe. Remi had told her they were going on a date afterwards so she wanted to dress ready for both events. Remi had been very busy of late and she’s been having a ‘long […]

proposal idea nigeria

Proposal Ideas

As Remi sat down to ruminate on what Tunji said, he began identifying the things his fiancée absolutely loves. She is a writer and love good books. —– Remi had stopped by at Lagos Book Studio to give Chike (Remi’s friend) a proposal to review. He had come in late and the book ‘Dear Husband […]