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Getting the right catering vendor

Food! Food!! Food!!!

Is there a party without food? Capital NO!

Food is very crucial to any party, in fact it is the number one cause why an event would be disorganized.

Have you ever gone to a party and didn’t get food? How did you feel?

Food is important o…infact, over-important sef.

Catering is one of the top 5 item in terms of cost, the caterer you choose will determine if it is money well spent or not.

In Nigeria, food is a major determinant on whether or not your wedding is a success. Assessment by your guests is usually based on food.

Many times when people think of catering, they typically just think of the actual taste of the food but as we know, you first eat with your eyes.

If the food looks horrible, chances are that you won’t taste it even if it was made with the most expensive ingredients.


Here are top 5 criteria you should consider when choosing a caterer for your event.

Food at a wedding

1 – Interest in your needs and responsiveness

In choosing a caterer like every other vendor, you need to look out for their responsiveness and the level of interest in your event. You should start observing from the time of enquiry. How responsive and interested a caterer is during your initial conversations is a good indication of how they will perform during the length of their time with you especially on your event day. What attitude do you observe from the caterer during your initial conversation? Are you comfortable with the way the caterer makes you feel?


Table setting at an event

2 – Can they handle your type of event?

Even though some caterers may not accept it, not every caterer is perfect for any type of event. Find out, which event area are they more effective with. Is it weddings, birthdays, launch, conferences e.t.c

Some caterers specialize in large crowd social events while some specialize in smaller intimate-type social events.

When searching for a caterer, (and you should speak with at least 3 caterers for any event with a reasonable budget), you need to be specific about the type of event you are having, the type of food you want (is it traditional igbo meals, Yoruba meals, continental e.t.c) and/or the presentation you are expecting. If you don’t do this, you may end up choosing a caterer who simply isn’t a good fit for your style of event.

Selecting a caterer should be because they are perfect for the specific event and not because you have used them previously.


3 – Ask the right questions


Be sure to ask the right questions….Probe, Probe and Probe some more. Every caterer is different with what they would provide so you need to be clear on what they are sure to supply and how that would impact on your event. Will the caterer set up the tables, charger plates, glasses, cutlery e.t.c What type of these items do they have? Does it suit your event?


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Table setting

4 – Go for food tasting

How will you ever know if the caterer is right for your event if you don’t taste their food and see them in action? Before you sign a contract, make sure you go for food tasting.

Preferably, you should attend their event and see them live in action. Evaluate their service at the event. Would you want that replicated at your event? How did they manage crisis?

You should attend atleast 3 tastings with separate caterers and make sure you taste what is to be on your event menu and be very observant.


5 – Make sure the contract is well explained before you sign


The caterer’s contract should clearly spell out exactly what food and services the caterer will be providing for your event. A contract is a binding document so it would protect you from potential non-performance and also protect the caterer from non-payment/default. You may want to consider having an professional look at it before you sign it.

Every detail should be included in the contract, included selected menus, quantity, number of servers e.t.c. Because in Nigeria the number of guests can increase overnight, the contract can also state that it can be adjusted upon agreement from both parties.


Good luck and be sure to let us know how this helped in your event.

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