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He Proposed!

he proposed, what next

What will I wear for the book reading on Saturday? Sola thought to herself that running through her wardrobe. Remi had told her they were going on a date afterwards so she wanted to dress ready for both events.
Remi had been very busy of late and she’s been having a ‘long distance’ relationship because they’ve only seen about twice in the last month. This date was more like a make-up for Remi’s busy schedule.
Finally! I know what to wear Sola exclaimed her eyes on her short black dress. It’s gonna look great and accentuate all my curves and new flat tummy. I’m gonna look hawt! She thought to herself. Make up and hair by Esther.
I think I have my look sorted out already.
Esther, my make up has to be on point oh! In fact, you will conceal and contour all the ‘contourable’. Sola said
I gat you covered baby gurl.
Sola smiled staring at her face in the mirror and couldn’t resist taking selfies even though she was almost late for her book reading.
This book has a lot of things I can relate with Sola thought to herself and would have even said Remi wrote the book although she knew writing was not his thing.
For book reading at the club, they usually whiteout the name of the author for unbiased criticism. This method would help the author get the most honest feedback that would make his/her book better.
Sola screamed ‘I want to make you mine’ a line from the book but noticed that people’s attention was focused on something else. She looked down and saw Remi on one knee with an open ring box. She gasped with a confused look. Remi looked up to her and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ Of course! She said and he slipped the ring into her finger, stood up and hugged her while the crowd cheered on.
Sola was excited that he pulled off the type of proposal she had wanted and they walked hand in hand to the car. As the driver drove off, Remi smiled to himself and thought ‘Thank God I contacted Eventigo to conceptualize and plan this proposal’.
I’m getting married! He exclaimed.

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