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Planning your wedding naija style

You are very excited, one of the days you’ve wished, hoped and dreamed about is coming soon and for some reasons like family, indecision but majorly because you’re working with of a tight budget, you are considering being a DIY bride. Being a DIY bride is a LOT of work but you can carry through, look great and enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Since you don’t take a long break to plan your wedding, it can be very challenging to keep up with making endless decisions, follow up, scheduling, attending meetings, multitasking, dealing with changes from family but with the right mental attitude, great friends, you can pull it off.

Wedding planning requires a lot of planning! As in a whole lot. Not to sound like an insurmountable venture, lets begin with some of the crucial success steps.

Pen and writing pad

1. Get a wedding folder

This will be your wedding planning diary. It will contain everything about your wedding. From ideas to pictures to vendors etc. This should be like the storehouse for your event.



wedding planning idea

2. Write out what you want at your wedding

Almost every bride has an idea of what she wants her wedding to be like. Those things that are very important and those that are not and because it’s ‘the family wedding but your marriage’, you may not have all you want but knowing what you want beforehand would help in your negotiation with all the stakeholders.

calendar pick a date

3. Get the rough date for the event

Having an idea of when you would have your wedding would make you informed on the amount of planning time you have. It could also affect cost. You may consider having your event on a weekday as against weekend to control crowd and for better negotiation.


pen calendar to do checklist

4. List out all the items you would need for the event and start getting quotations

Get a list of all the items you would need for your event and start contacting vendors for their quote and keep repeating the process until you have gotten all your vendors.


calculator calculation budget finance

5.  Draw up your budget

Once money is involved, you need to have a budget. This will help you manage your resources and also appropriate them accordingly. Write down your budget for each item and not just a rough estimate of the total amount you are budgeting for the wedding.

People family seated

6. Get the family involved

I know what you’re thinking…my family is already too involved. Well, its time to use that to our advantage. Get the family involved and know who wants to do what in the financial capacity. This would reduce the financial burden on you and your fiancee and then you can start ticking off items on your long list


7. Attend plenty events

Because instagram pictures and huge following does not always mean good service, get ready to attend plenty events to ascertain the service of your vendors and even search for some more.


Woman writes a note with an orange pen


8. Start booking early

Once you’ve concluded on the vendor you want to use, book them early. They might just be able to give you a discount (who knows)



Wedding checklist9. Prepare you’re a comprehensive wedding checklist

You don’t want to miss anything out so get a comprehensive wedding checklist to serve as your second planner.



people mother family father friends

10. Enjoy the planning process with your fiancée, friend and family

Weddings are as a result of love. While the planning period can be stressful, the journey is usually more interesting with your fiancee, family and friends.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list but I hope this guide will help you in planning your event. Know more about Eventigo here


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