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Proposal Ideas

proposal idea nigeria

As Remi sat down to ruminate on what Tunji said, he began identifying the things his fiancée absolutely loves. She is a writer and love good books.
Remi had stopped by at Lagos Book Studio to give Chike (Remi’s friend) a proposal to review. He had come in late and the book ‘Dear Husband by Tomi Adesina’ was been reviewed by this beautiful lady. Needless to say, he stayed till the end because he was already captivated by this lady’s poise and charisma. She read the story with so much joy and the characters came alive to him.
Sola and Chike were gisting as they walked towards the door and Remi walked towards Chike.
Sola, meet my very good friend Remi.
Remi extended his hand and Sola took it in a handshake, it’s nice to meet you.
Sola left them to attend to some other interesting matters.
Remi handed the proposal and was grinning… Who’s that girl?
Chike: My friend, you like her?
Remi: What’s there not to like. I like what I saw o… Give me her contact.
Chike: Ehen…. I will have to speak with her first and request permission to do this.
Remi: No problem, but make it fast.
Chike: Alright man.
Remi: Thanks
Wow! Can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years Sola agreed to date me. This is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Know I have the perfect idea on how to propose to my Baybee girl *smiles* but wait o… Let me contact Eventigo to plan out my idea.
Problem solved! 

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