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Proposing To Her

wedding proposal

Hello Tunji, what’s up.

Tunji: Guy how far… I dey o. Plenty work for my table and I have one due for this afternoon.
Remi: Nice! Enjoy work day o. Can we catch up at The Lounge after work then?
Tunji: great! Would even help me relax.

Tunji and Remi shook hands and exchanged hugs.
Remi: how far with that project? Submitted?
Tunji: Yes o… You know I’m an achiever na.
Remi: I trust you my guy. Those people are lucky to have someone like you.
Tunji: well.. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Laughs…. *Orders some drinks*

Remi: I’ve being thinking of how to propose to Sola.
Tunji: Osheyyy! It’s about time you married that girl. Have you spoken to an event planner?
Remi: Event planner for what? Don’t they come in after the proposal.
Tunji: there are some of them that offer surprise proposals as part of their products.
Remi: Wow! I never knew… That’s nice. So I don’t have to think about this proposal thing… Just delegate to an event planner.
Tunji: Yes o… Those event planners are trying o. Remember David and Bukola’s proposal?
Remi: How can I forget? The one that he wrote a song, somebody mixed and sang it to Bukola at the dinner and he proposed?
Tunji: Exactly! It was the event planner tht came up with the concept when he said Bukola loves music.
Remi: I think I can try that or I will come up with something Sola would love.
Tunji: Anyone you want as long as Sola loves it and she says YES!
Remi: I’m confident she would agree to marry me. We’ve been through a lot! And I can’t even imagine life without her.
Tunji: I wish you the best.
Remi: Thanks man

*Phone rings*
Tunji: Hello….. I will be on my way.
Tunji: Guy, I need to go now. Urgently need to get something from my office.
Remi: ok man.
I appreciate this conversation.
Tunji: Bye

What should Remi do?

Disclaimer: This story and the idea depicted is an intellectual property of Eventigo to which right of use has been granted to the public provided she (Eventigo) is credited as the original owner. Thank you!

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