How To Plan A Small Wedding In Nigeria

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You have been dreaming of your wedding day but you want to know how you can plan a small wedding because that is what you want. This post shows you 5 tips to help you through the process.

Here comes the most challenging part. You guess right! Planing the wedding ceremony.

You want to have a small wedding, your fiance also agrees with that. So how do I plan this small wedding.

1. Discover your why:

There are two types of small weddings as you will read in another post. You want a small wedding because you want it to be very intimate? Have you always dreamt of a small wedding in a beach and a limited number of guests works better for that? Do you want small wedding because you have a small budget? Determine your why because you will need during the planning process.

2. Convince your parents:

Let’s face the fact. This is Nigeria and most parents want to have a big wedding. This is where you negotiate with your parents on why you want a small wedding.

Pro – tip: A negotiating tool will be to allow them invite most of their guests to the traditional wedding so you can have a smaller white wedding (works most of the time).

3. Put your dream on Paper

After establishing your why, it is easier to begin to create the type of wedding your want. What are the elements you want to have at your wedding? How do you want guests to feel? What type of Wedding do you want? What time of day etc. Start putting those thoughts on paper because this would help you when creating your mood board.

I have a free ebook on how to create your wedding moodboard. Click here to download.

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4. Decide on a budget

A small wedding doesn’t mean a small budget. Decide on the budget for the wedding in proportion to what you envisioned. I understand that you may know nothing about the cost of things. You can have an upper and lower limit of a budget to help guide you. You can speak with your wedding planner to guide you or you reach out to people who have had weddings similar to what you want and ask for an estimate of the amount spent.

In preparing a budget, list 3-4 most important items to you because this will guide you in allocating funds to different line items. An example is deciding between a live band or a DJ etc

5. Prepare Your Guest list

There can’t be a wedding without guests right? Start preparing your guest list early. This would make sure you don’t forget any important person, give your guests enough time to RSVP and plan to attend your wedding.

Here’s our take on how to plan a small wedding in Nigeria. What tip stands out for you?

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