How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

stay safe from coronavirus

It is no longer news that the coronavirus spreads rapidly which is one of the reasons why it is so deadly. The fact that it can be transmitted from an infected person who may have mild symptoms but not ill makes it spread like wild fire.

The purpose of the blog is not to instill fear in you. It is to educate you about the disease and more importantly, how you can protect yourself and loved ones from the disease or death.

To read more about the disease, here’s a link from WHO’s website.

How Do I Protect Myself From Coronavirus

  1. Do not panic, it is not a death sentence. (This is not going to be the end of the world. Research is ongoing, vaccines are being developed and tested, treatment options are being developed by Scientists and soon, the world will be back to normal)
  2. Coronavirus does not kill immediately. The recovery rate is higher than the mortality rate. Its mortality is highest in the older generation, immunocompromised individuals.
  3. Avoid large gatherings – The virus spreads through respiratory droplets from person to person. You are likely to find someone sneezing or coughing in a large gathering than small gathering. Maintaining proper hygiene is also easier with smaller crowds.
  4. Wash your hands regularly and properly – This might be a no-brainer but ask yourself, do I wash my hands regularly and properly? This exercise breaks down the structure of the virus and prevents its survival.
  5. Use Alcohol based hand sanitizers – Use Hand sanitisers. It is easily accessible, Easy to carry, Keeps your hand clean.
  6. Boost your immunity – The body has a system to fight diseases. Make sure you optimize your immunity. Be sure to eat healthier. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take supplements.
  7. Stay HYDRATED – Drinks lots of clean water. You should cut back on sodas, sugar and chemical laced drinks.
  8. Report to your Doctor – If you notice any of the symptoms, call your doctor immediately. Also self isolate yourself for 14 days.
  9. Speak faith filled words – Words are powerful, they bring what you desire. Speak positively, speak faith filled words.
stay safe from coronavirus

Now is a good time to catch up on life, entertainment, family (video calls), strategize and plan for the future.

Stay safe, Be alert, don’t contribute to the spread, don’t panic.

I love you!

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