Personalized Wedding Vow In A Rigid Church Setting

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Who wouldn’t want a personalized vow that speaks your heart? Something to always remember and cherish. Truth is, we all want that but many churches in Nigeria already have rigid wedding outlines.

Love is a beautiful thing and the experience is personal. Your wedding day is approaching and I want that day to be special. Of course it HAS to be?

personalized wedding vow

You have already fantasized on how you would make sure your spouse would shed tears of love at the ceremony. Excellent! but you discovered that there is an already statutory vow that can’t be altered at the church you are to be wedded. You are not quite happy about it but what can be done about it?

Not to worry, I have 4 ways you can have that personalized wedding vow. Let’s start!

  1. Include the vow into the program of the day: Many churches in Nigeria would allow you adjust the program to a certain degree and you can request to say your personal vows just before the exchange of rings. (Don’t dismiss this idea, it’s worth trying).
  2. Have a Separate venue for your vow ceremony: This is probably a no-brainer, you can book another venue where you, your spouse and bridal party go to have a vow ceremony. Don’t forget the compere, photographer and videographer. Your wedding planner can definitely handle this part for you so you don’t have to stress yourself.
  3. Have the vow ceremony at your reception party: If you have a tight budget, you can decide to have the private vow at your reception. It can work in two ways. The first before guests are allowed into the reception venue, this also gives you a first look at the ambience created by your wedding decorator OR you have the vow incorporated into the reception program and have it in front of friends and family.
  4. Have it inside the changing room: Many times, before you arrive at the reception venue, guests are already seated and if you want some privacy, you can decide to have the vow ceremony in your changing room (please make sure the room is set up beautifully).
    Here you have 4 ideas on having a vow ceremony incorporated into your church ceremony in Nigeria.

Which one would you be trying?

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