It's time to
communicate with your event

What is your WHY? How do you want to FEEL? How do you want your guests to FEEL at your event? Did you know that all these are embedded in non verbal communication? That is our expertise. 

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What is better than having that perfect wedding? A perfect partner you say (you already got that) so why not have a perfect wedding?
Weddings can be a lot of work. From concept development, meetings, vendor sourcing, vendor management, payments, D-day organisation, after party and everything inbetween, we've got you covered.
With several packages to choose from, you can be sure of nothing less than a perfect wedding ceremony.

anniversary celebration

social events

Social events can be so much fun. They bring familiy and friends together and they can be very diverse. Social event ranges from Birthdays, Anniversaries, Naming ceremony, Child dedication, burial, get together and more. These events are delicate and would require expertise to perfectly pull them off while making sure the objectives are met.

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Corporate events

With every corporate event, there is a need to communicate the company's value proposition, uniqueness and many more. We at Eventigo understands this need and we make sure we understand the brief and execute excellently.

lovescence for married couples

rejuvio by lovescence

Lovescence is an event organized for married couples as a time out to have fun, relax, connect with each other on a deeper level, reminding themselves of what they love in each other. A lot of couples do not have dedicated time for themselves and continue to place every other thing above themselves. The aim of this event is to from time to time help couples take a break to rejuvenate.

the eventigo experience

We are the perfect blend of creativity, excellence and fun. With Eventigo as your event planner, you get an event that speaks to purpose.