Top 5 Qualities Every Event Planner Should Have

qualities for an event planner

What top 5 qualities should you have to be a great event planner? I made a video previously on what event planning is all about. You can watch it here.

So then, what qualities do you need to be a great event planner? Let me give you my top 5

  • Excellent people skills: You cannot overemphasize this. The world of event planning deals with people from client to guests to vendors and more. Every event involves people.
  • Good listening ability: You need to listen, listen, listen and listen to your client some more. Not just listening to respond but listening to understand your client’s needs. When you listen to your clients, you are able to sieve information and know what the client actually wants.
behind the scenes for a fashion runway show
  • Ability to work under pressure: This is very KEY. Working under pressure is not just during the planning phase but more especially on the day of the event. You shouldn’t be that event planner that is freaking out when everybody is. You should be able to introduce CALMNESS.
  • Attention to details: You should be able to look at a thing and detail all the processes needed to get there. Details are usually easy to miss and if care is not taken, it could impact negatively on the event outcome. There are several tools that can help you improve your attention to details.

listening skills
  • Discretion: Ability to keep quiet (secrets). The ability to know what client information is necessary to share and those that are not. You cannot be a gossip and a great event planner. Event planning exposes you to a lot of confidential information about your client and it is your responsibility to let it remain confidential.
    I hope you learnt a thing or two from this. Let us know the qualities we left out and those that have helped you in the comment section or send a mail

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