Wedding Checklist For A Nigerian Court Wedding

wedding checklist

This is the ultimate wedding checklist for a Nigerian court wedding.

Checklist for Nigerian court wedding
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I’m here again dishing out amazing DIY tips for your wedding. I believe you will find this especially useful if you want to have a Nigerian court wedding. In other words, this post if for people that want to have a Nigerian marriage certificate. Let’s dive into the ultimate checklist guide for this Nigerian court wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement! You are considering if you should have a court wedding in Nigeria or not. While a court wedding is not compulsory, I consider it however necessary. The certificate issued is tenable anywhere in the world and gives you legal right on many things pertaining to your spouse and property.

For instance, in Nigeria, court wedding though very important does not come with a lot of extravagant celebration when compared with the reception party following a white wedding.

Wedding planning requires a lot of attention and focusing on the white wedding can create a last minute rush for a court wedding. 
Not to worry, we have come up with a list to help. 
Here goes the checklist for your Nigerian court wedding…

wedding bouquet

1. Bride’s dress
2. Bride’s make up
3. Groom’s suit
4. Groom’s tie
5. Wedding Rings
6. Parents of the couple
7. Bouquet
8. Bride’s shoes
9. Bride’s accessories
10. Passport photographs
11. Photocopy of birth certificate/Age declaration
12. Sworn affidavit for bachelorhood and spinsterhood
13. Oath taking
14. Transportation for groom and his parents
15. Transportation for bride and her parents

16. Hangout location after the court wedding (I’m sure you don’t want your guests to leave immediately)

So, that’s my ultimate checklist guide for a Nigerian court wedding. Did you learn anything new, write it in the comment section.

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