What is Event Planning and Event Management

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What is event planning? In simple terms, it just means planning an event. It involves looking at the whole picture abstractly and putting pieces to make that picture come alive.
It is the way a project manager takes prepares steps to achieve a product or event that has been commissioned.

You apply project management to every aspect of planning.
Now that we have defined what event planning is, what qualifies as an event?
From the oxford dictionary, an event is a thing that happens or takes places especially one of importance.

It can also be defined as a planned public or social occasion.
Though we have several events on a daily basis (for example planning to go shopping, planning how to get prepare a delicious meal, it doesn’t qualify as the type of events we are talking about here.

Like we probably already know, there are various types of events which can be broadly categorized as corporate and social events.
Corporate events may include Annual General Meetings, Retreats, End of Year Party, Book launch etc
Social events may include birthdays, weddings, housewarming, gender reveal parties, beach outing etc
This is not an exhaustive list of the types of event we have.

guests at the food station for an event. fashion school graduation

Event planning is the background work before the day of the event. I’m sure some of us are thinking, she hasn’t said anything about event management.

Are they not the same? Do they mean the different things?
Well…this is a commonly asked question. What is the difference between event planning and event management

Let me try to answer it
Event planning is the planning an event
Event management is managing an event
Too obvious? Well….I wouldn’t really bother myself with the technical definitions of both based on your location because the term is often times used interchangeably here in Nigeria. The important thing to note is that both event planners and event managers work to make sure that the desired outcome of an event is accomplished.

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